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Dependable Performance. I'm on the Road Faster. Thanks for putting life back into my tired engine. Join thousands that made a quality decision.
Customer Profiles: Improved ACERT Performance with Platinum Power Group Parts

Customer Profiles: Improved ACERT Performance with Platinum Power Group Parts

Company: Fountain Valley Enterprises
Owner: Chris Held
Location: Fayette, OH
Engine: 2007 Caterpillar C15 ACERT

Fountain Valley Enterprises, based in Fayette, Ohio, is a preferred Platinum trucking company.Owned and Operated by Chris Held in 7 states including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Kentucky.

"I've had my harnesses for about 2 years now and I am the first to tell anyone who asks about your product. Way better fuel mileage and the performance is undeniable. I recently had a check engine light come on , so before taking my truck in for a diagnostic hook-up, I unhooked my harnesses O My God I could not believe the power difference. Believe this I will advertise your product with great enthusiasium. Anyone that says they can't get there ACERTS motor to run needs only to check out your web site. Keep up the good work and I'll keep up the advertising for you."

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Trucking Companies Improve Operating Costs

Trucking Companies Improve Operating Costs

Platinum Power Group is dedicated to increasing Caterpillar diesel engine horsepower, performance and fuel mileage savings. Our mission, indirectly has helped thousands of Independent/ Private Carriers, Freight Companies, School Districts and CAT Diesel engine owners improve bottom-line operational costs. Given the current economic climate we realize our customer's primary concerns include improving operations and staying in business.

Difficult times aside, the trucking industry remains a highly resilient component of the US economy. Many of our customers have been able to quickly adjust operations and costs to weather the recessionary storm. Another company that is helping our industry do just that is Oklahoma based, FairTran LLC. This company caught our attention with their patent-pending broadcasting portal devoted to truckers, owner-operators, and small trucking companies who stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date information.

Trucking companies need to be able to figure costs per mile to see if they are making a profit. However, some costs frequently change. Company owners and owner-operators may not be informed about current costs and could possibly make bad business decisions as a result. solves this problem by gathering current costs, combining them with personalized trucking company information, calculating them against industry standards and sending the result to the trucking company via email, Twitter, and texts so the company can be up-to-date no matter where they are.

“It is our hope that FairTran will bring unity, fairness, and respect back to those who do the work - the trucking companies - who, until now, haven’t had a gauge and standard to point to,” said Charlie Collins, FairTran, LLC’s president.

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Transforming the CAT Diesel Engine

Transforming the CAT Diesel Engine

Platinum Power Group has forged new pathways in diesel engine horsepower products for the On-Highway, Industrial, and Marine Engine market across the globe. Demanding applications require superior performance to meet ever-chaning operational demands.

Platinum Power Group has been working hard to provide dependable horsepower products for Industrial equipment at shipyards, on farms, construction sites, oil fields, on highways, and city streets. Their On-Highway Transportation customers look to Platinum Power Group for performance diesel needs in trucks, RV's, School Buses, Motor Coaches, and Emergency Response vehicles. Lastly, Commercial and Pleasure Craft customers continue to rely on Platinum Power Group's horsepower products to outfit their workboats, commercial fishing, sport fishing boats and much more. No matter what application powers your business, Platinum Power Group technology can breathe new life into your Caterpillar diesel engine.

Over the years Platinum Power Group has expanded their product offering to include a wider selection of Low-End, High-End and Maximum Power plug-in parts. The easy install plug-in accessories sets them apart from the competition - garnering an additional 30-80hp and increased diesel fuel mileage. Platinum Power Group continues to revolutionize aftermarket performance parts. No hassle install, reliable and knowledgeable tech specialists, continued innovation, and research and development keep's Platinum Power Group ahead of the curve.
Platinum Power Group Launches Alliance Tester Program

Platinum Power Group Launches Alliance Tester Program

Platinum Power Group LLC, the leading global manufacturer of Plug-in Horsepower products for CAT Diesel Engines, today announced that, along with expanding its partnerships, it is now formally launching the Platinum Alliance Tester Program.

Platinum Power Group LLC, the leading global manufacturer of Plug-in Horsepower products for CAT Diesel Engines for the On-Highway, Industrial and Marine Engine industry, today announced that, along with expanding its partnerships, it is now formally launching the Platinum Alliance Tester Program. In response to high global demand for an expanded product offering, the Platinum Alliance Tester Program will begin development and testing of new diesel engine performance parts and fuel saving devices. The program is now ready for widespread adoption.

Partnerships Grow and Reports of Fuel Savings for CAT Diesel Engines Increase

Since its inception in 2007, Platinum Power Group has steadily grown its partnerships and product testing portfolio. To date there are 50 Alliance Program members, and the organization plans to test and certify 150 products. Platinum Power Group products are distinguished by their high performance and interoperability, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

"We’re excited about marking the third anniversary of Platinum Power Group LLC with the continuing and growing endorsement of global Owner Operators, Private Fleets, Construction Companies and Truck Drivers that own Caterpillar (CAT) diesel engines," said a company representative. "Now more than ever it is important to ensure our On-Highway, Marine and Industrial customers have a great experience when they get their new Platinum Power Group products installed, and we continue our commitment to that by working with our partners to advance our real-world customer usability and testing."

Demanding applications require superior performance to meet business demand. The Platinum Alliance Testing Program enables CAT Diesel engine owners to test the products, receive significant savings off retail price and experience what thousands of CAT Diesel engine owners have reported – increased fuel mileage and improved performance. With the price fuel trending upwards, truck owners are looking for as many ways as possible to get better fuel mileage and performance. Diesel engine modifications can become costly, ranging from $1,000 and upwards per truck. For this reason, Platinum Power Group has grown in popularity and become known for their cost effective, high quality performance and fuel saving product line. The program is currently open to Transportation and Trucking Professionals in the United States and Canada that own a CAT Diesel Engine. Applications: On-Highway, Marine, and Industrial.

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